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Aims & Goals

Our aim is to develop players by giving the players more control of the sessions, we want each player to take pride in what they are doing and how to push themselves and become more determined to do so.
This works both with 1-2-1 coaching and team coaching, as players will help each other by achieving  more with this they will gain vital leadership skills for on and off the pitch. We aim to help players gain this leaderships skills in the right way and how to motivate others around them 
1-2-1 Private Sessions
We want players to be able to push them self by wanting to beat the time, score or performance in each drill and session. With this we would like to see players being able to talk to the coach about how they want to improve or what they want to improve on as it their session and their time with the coach. We also want to be able to help with player confidence, being able to openly talk to the coaches will help with this.
Team Coaching
We want to see players improve playing in a team by playing a style of football that suits the team. We want to create a good atmosphere for each player to feel comfortable to play football in with there friends and still improve at the same time. By helping good leadership skills throughout the team, players will have a better understanding about motivating each other and how to problem solve on the pitch and organise a solution to over come that problem 
Our aim for the Goalkeepers is for every goalkeeper to be able to be more confidant with there ability. We want to find a team for every player, this is no different for the goalkeepers so we will always try and find a club to play for . We will work with players on a 6 week program and then assess with other coaches and the players about what to work on next.
Friday Night Football
This is unlike any other development centre as we work on individual targets and produce sessions for the needs and requirements for the players so we can work on a training program to improve every player on different skills and techniques.